Creating ‘The Killing’

„The Killing” is a second album by Zero Thorem, LA bases hard rock/metal band with dark science fiction aesthetic. My role was to deliver illustration for cover art and various EP from that album.

The band had a clear vision of what they want for the album cover – an enormous size building, long stairway leading to the potential alien species temple… A viewer can already feel being part of the scene because of the perspective and detailed structure revealing as eyes follow each step from the bottom to the top.

While the band had a very clear state about the creative direction for this detailed artwork, I had a lot of room for interpretation and art direction.

My role was to create an architectural style for an alien construction – a mixture of ancient and futuristic vision. A challenging and very exciting project, absolutely one of my favorites. 

I have created few more artworks which were released at the same time. Songs like “You” and “Threat” have unique artworks but there are few more illustrations created to promote new album.

In the following videos, you will see quick breakdown of creation process, a few images revealing how artwork was created from first drafts to the final illustration. 

Find out more about this project in my portfolio.

Visit Zero Theorem for more info about their music and upcoming shows at

Cover artwork for Zero Theorem

ATARAXIS • These artworks are from the first album by @zerotheoremband – ATARAXIS was released in 2018 yet I have created illustrations back in 2017. Small throwback but I just figured out it’s a good moment to remind this brilliant album to you guys (just in case you missed it 🙂

Caesar from ZT came to me with the idea of making ‚dirty hands’ in front of a temple – this POV was a very interesting direction, where a viewer can almost witness it by similarly holding an album (in reality). Ok, we are all living in the digital streaming era BUT such creativity goes beyond any media!

BECOMING and AREA artworks are set in the same location. You can already see the top of the temple emerging in the background on BECOMING, while AREA represents a burning altar from the cover artwork shot from the top (would say „drone perspective”).

Interesting facts (hopefully 🙂

For some of you, interesting facts may be hands itself… well, these are my hands. I took a photo by myself, the camera on a tripod with a shutter button on the floor, released by… feet ;-). But it didn’t work the way I want so I took another round by shooting each hand separately. Then clipping and #digitalpainting in @Photoshop
Temple in the background was designed from scratch, with adding textures and other details along the way. There is some story behind this setting, these are just clues a viewer (and listener) needs to investigate.

Creation process

My techniques are photo manipulation and digital painting. Following work in progress images shows a bit of my creation process.

Final album examples

Check out Zero Theorem website for more info about the music and upcoming shows.

Let’s have fun with art (not only during the quarantine)

Many people need to learn how to work during quarantine but for me, a full-time freelancer it is a daily routine. 

Not saying I like it, not trying to be this type of hero, don’t take me wrong. For some reason, I feel I am just more prepared for such isolation since it’s part of my life for a long while. Not saying I like it, just get used to it. 

I can create, I can focus on my work for most of the day, bring all those crazy ideas to life, share thoughts and processes of my work on live streams and social media. I was always afraid that I have nothing new to say, everybody can see better art online. What’s more, showcasing art became just rushing for likes and if you don’t promote your post, it will just disappear… What happened to this beautiful internet from decade?

This tough moment in our history is really unique. Man people are isolated, many artists may suffer even more because isolation is not helping in getting creative. After all, it will just eat your soul… But I think I have found small cure – fun. Fun in art is all we (creators) need. 

During all those three weeks, so far, while I’m sitting at home (just going outside once a week for grocery) I start to doubt if my art is unpredictable, it may be confusing (I will write about that in another post) as it may cover so many areas.. (at least from my point of view) but I said „No! Just go nuts, don’t think “what if”. Let your inner soul come to the surface, let it breathe and hopefully will inspire others to breathe too.”

Hopefully having fun with art, with creating will help me survive, maybe even grow as an artist. I don’t know. But I believe it’s worth of trying 🙂

So for now, let’s have fun with art!

Project detail: Western Digital StreaMachine

I’m happy to present one of my recent projects for Western Digital. It’s quite unique in my portfolio because it’s printed on a pickup and caravan.

An abstract, colorful artwork produced exclusively for Western Digital’s StreaMachine is a mixture of photo manipulation and digital art. Huge print placed on a long silver vehicle makes it look unique and curved shapes of digital ‘scarfs’ makes vehicle look dynamic, almost liquid, even when it’s not moving.

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