Desktop Calendar -2014-

Digital turns physical, pixels turns into ink!

So here it is, my first desktop calendar with dozen artworks! Picked up carefully, from most appreciated Priscilla Queen of The Desert, Identity, including sport illustration for FFDJ and Armada Skis, to personal artworks like Last of My Kind or Bruce Lee‘s portrait.

Each one to boost your creativity every single day during this (and hopefully not only) year, to make your dreams come true – just as mine, with bringing those ideas to life.

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Project detail: Western Digital StreaMachine

I’m happy to present one of my recent projects for Western Digital. It’s quite unique in my portfolio because it’s printed on a pickup and caravan.

An abstract, colorful artwork produced exclusively for Western Digital’s StreaMachine is a mixture of photo manipulation and digital art. Huge print placed on a long silver vehicle makes it look unique and curved shapes of digital ‘scarfs’ makes vehicle look dynamic, almost liquid, even when it’s not moving.

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Process: Baking ‘The Poisoned Loaf’

The Poisoned Loaf artwork is my personal interpretation of polish-american opera project holding same name. It’s experimental, very expressive theatre play that says a story about young couple, their dreams and future that becomes way much different…

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Adobe Master Class: Photoshop

Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists is newest book written by Ibarionex Parello, a freelance photographer and writer. You may know Ibarionex if you’re reading magazines such as Digital Photo ProRangefinder, Shutterbug or Outdoor Photographer. He is also an instructor of photography at and a producer of popular podcast The Candid Frame.

Follow up to read more about the book.

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Process: “Pozytywka” Album Art

It’s my third cover for Ania Szarmach and I’m glad to say it’s my best one. I’m honoured to work with such amazing singer as Ania and make her visions become reality.

Album is called “Pozytywka”, which means ‘music box’ – but it’s meant to say ‘positive’. It’s a word play in Polish and idea behind this album is to tell about emotions (not only positive) and graphics should indicate some of them.

As usual, everything starts with an idea. Or an inspiration – follow up to find out more.

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Process: Design for Killsonik

I’m not sure if I should start with my adoration to KillSonik music or with my pride to this project, as standalone artwork. But I can truly say – I dived into their world of absolutely best dubstep before knowing what’s going to happen, before hearing any of their new sounds. Just a couple of remixes at Soundcloud , but nothing more. Ok, Nero’s Crush On You remix is bloody amazing, but that’s foretaste!

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Alpha 1 Gallery Images

This post will be quite short but full of images. I have already wrote a bit about my new project for Armada – Alpha 1 skis artwork, and I have shared some of my first impressions when I received package last week.

I can’t say how light and sophisticated they are in real but at least I can share some of these pics I took in my yard. Hope you like it!

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Workshop: Tomorrow Never Happened

As a pure blood digital arts lover I’m being inspired everyday and by almost everything and digital art is on top of everything. One of my personal passions in art is surrealism so I was going to create grotesque artwork with some fantasy attributes. I’m also fan of Zdzislaw Beksinski, which inspires me like no one else and I was trying to achieve similar mysterious mood and experiment with imagination.
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New Alpha 1 from Armada Skis

Image featuring freestyle skier Torin Yater-Wallace.

It’s January and it’s snowing, finally! When I lived in my hometown Bielsko-Biala I had beautiful view to the mountains, so even if there were no snow in the city I saw some peeks covered with snow (or not) during the winter. At that time I also used to ski as well, it’s a big fun so I totally understand why some guys wants to be, and become, professional skier.


And they jumps almost to the space, especially with new gear from Armada – Alpha 1. That’s why new model has outer space themed design, with a bit of robots, moons, energetic lightning and some splatters here and there.

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Digital Arts: California – True Colors Exhibition

True Colors is an international exhibition at DigitalArts California, curated by Virginia Christensen, takes place both online and offline and have just started rolling. I’m happy to announce some of my personal works are exposed at True Colors, including the most recent Tomorrow Never Happened (Stellar Art Award), Time is Gone, The Orchard Keeper among others.

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