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Interview @ ColourSpaces

Most recent interview for ColourSpaces. Words by Radim Malinic:

Maciej Hajnrich, also known as Valp has been making creative industry tremor with a mixture of breathtakingly intricate illustrations since 2007. Such is depth and detail of his complex images, he gives a viewer the chance to immerse themselves further and embark on an exploration journey into the world of vibrant and colourful tales. He doesn’t cease to surprise, excite and inspire whilst pushing the envelope. Based in Polish town of Katowice, Maciej has now got international reach with portfolio bursting many weird and wonderful benchmark pieces for some of the biggest names in the world. He is, after all what he calls himself, a graphic illusionist.

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Interview @ WizzAir Magazine

I’m happy to write about fantastic interview for Wizz Air Magazine by Ruth Stokes. We were talking about my work but also Katowice city. Hopefully you can grab a piece directly in the air, but it’s also available online (August issue).

Wizz magazine is the inflight publication for Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe. The airline serves over 60 destinations across Europe including Bucharest, Budapest, Cluj Napoca, Gdansk, Katowice/IKrakow, Kiev, Prague, Sofia, Timisoara, Warsaw, Wroclaw. It is published bi-monthly with a potential readership of 1.6 million per issue. The main magazine runs features covering destinations, lifestyle, culture, food and drink, while the destination guides offer expert information and recommendations from every city the airline flies to and are updated each issue.