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Book feature: “Adobe Master Class: Photoshop”

Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists is newest book written by Ibarionex Parello, a freelance photographer and writer. You may know Ibarionex if you’re reading magazines such as Digital Photo ProRangefinder, Shutterbug or Outdoor Photographer. He is also an instructor of photography at BetterPhoto.com and a producer of popular podcast The Candid Frame.

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Crossover Design Book. Feature+interview


“>Crossover< is not only a trendy expression in the international fashion community but has also conquered the design world with its incomparable magnetism. Designers have crossed over from their customary field of expertise to a new design field, and created a sparkling and magnetic feeling by blending elements that either had nothing to do with one another, or at odds and, even completely opposed at times. “Crossover” as it is portrayed in this book, cannot be merely viewed as a fashion concept. Indeed, through the display of hundreds of “blended” pieces, a profound depiction of designers’ attitude vis-à-vis design and their new lifestyle is offered to readers.”

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