+ 29 Beautiful Examples of Grunge Web Designs

This one is a shameless self promotion, so forgive me that :). I’ve just found a brilliant post at Six Revisions called 30 Beautiful Examples of Grunge in Web Design with Cogitatur‘s site spotted on top of all. I am very glad that guys appreciated grunge designs in the age of web 2-point-0 which are available all over the internet. It’s also hard to compare this two styles – clear, glossy effects excludes dirty/grunge graphics however this is a good moment to think about (not) following trends.

I’m honoured to find my web design on top of this post as well as on main page, and this post is a great award for Cogitatur‘s site. Thanks once again!

Featured at Inspired-Inspirers #2

Inspired-Inspirers is a place for people who inspire the world to show us who inspires them – this idea is simple and brilliant, especial if you compare it to other graphic/design related websites. Issue 2, which was just released, feature great guys such as Matt W. Moore, Justin Maller and Peter Jaworowski. I am very proud of being one of them!

“Stay sharp. Stay Inspired.”

Thanks Diego and all the best!

Interview for Digital Temple

Digital Temple 3 cover

Digital Temple is a free, online & french magazine and has launched its #3 Issue called “UNION”. This parution is made of 224 pages, 9 items and 12 artists: Si Scott, Esteban, Karborn, ValpNow, Laundry!, Ben Frost, Sruli Recht, Phil Toledano, Young Meagher, MWM Graphics, Vera Biryukova, Annie Woodford.

For all of you especial interested in graphic design, painting, illustration, motion, photography, music, art and fashion – check it out now!

Broceliande (photos and more)

I really like this cover because of several reasons but the main thing is that I had that idea long time ago and was waiting to use it somewhere. I took trunk photos more than year ago and just know they will be perfect one day. And that time came up few weeks ago, cover looks pretty good and that’s it! 🙂

When band came up with proposal of work they were excited about Beltaine’s album (Koncentrad). It was a challenge because I didn’t want to make the same thing for band who knows each other and, what’s more, I prefer to include part of my soul into graphics – just like they are doing the same with their music. I got  absolutely 100% creative freedom while working on this album which is much much appreciated, especial because shanties albums are… crappy, if you take a look at graphic design (at least in Poland :). So, I hope you like it as much as I do!

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