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Project detail: Western Digital StreaMachine

I’m happy to present one of my recent projects for Western Digital. It’s quite unique in my portfolio because it’s printed on a pickup and caravan.

An abstract, colorful artwork produced exclusively for Western Digital’s StreaMachine is a mixture of photo manipulation and digital art. Huge print placed on a long silver vehicle makes it look unique and curved shapes of digital ‘scarfs’ makes vehicle look dynamic, almost liquid, even when it’s not moving.

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The Emergence of Gradient Grunge Design


Web 2.0 as a style is not dead, far from it. Styles don’t die. If anything they percolate and then fuse into other styles. They get absorbed by the forward movement of design trends. Web 2.0 styles are mixed with grunge designs in many websites and graphics today. This style is Gradient Grunge. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that make up this growing design trend today.

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This one is a shameless self promotion, so forgive me that :). I’ve just found a brilliant post at Six Revisions called 30 Beautiful Examples of Grunge in Web Design with Cogitatur‘s site spotted on top of all. I am very glad that guys appreciated grunge designs in the age of web 2-point-0 which are available all over the internet. It’s also hard to compare this two styles – clear, glossy effects excludes dirty/grunge graphics however this is a good moment to think about (not) following trends.

I’m honoured to find my web design on top of this post as well as on main page, and this post is a great award for Cogitatur‘s site. Thanks once again!