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MRRM @ Depthcore 41 – Mirror

MRRM is my personal piece, exclusive for The Depthcore Collective 41st themed chapter exhibition, “MIRROR“.

This chapter features over seventy carefully considered and meticulously executed pieces produced by a diverse selection of members from the collective. The submissions, as varied in content as they are in style, revolve around central themes of introspection, self reflection and contemplation of man and his environment, and are spread across several mediums, including music, photography, illustration and digital painting.

Copernicus Science Centre

The Copernicus Science Centre has been officially opened. Being (small) part of this project makes me so proud so I want to remind projects from my archive: illustrations for 2009 callendar are shown above.

The Copernicus Science Centre is one of the first institutions of its type in Poland. It include hundreds of interactive exhibits where children, young people and adults can carry out experiments demonstrating how the world around us works. The priority is on understanding the essence of phenomena, rather than on telling the story of scientific progress.

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