Let’s have fun with art (not only during the quarantine)

Many people need to learn how to work during quarantine but for me, a full-time freelancer it is a daily routine. 

Not saying I like it, not trying to be this type of hero, don’t take me wrong. For some reason, I feel I am just more prepared for such isolation since it’s part of my life for a long while. Not saying I like it, just get used to it. 

I can create, I can focus on my work for most of the day, bring all those crazy ideas to life, share thoughts and processes of my work on live streams and social media. I was always afraid that I have nothing new to say, everybody can see better art online. What’s more, showcasing art became just rushing for likes and if you don’t promote your post, it will just disappear… What happened to this beautiful internet from decade?

This tough moment in our history is really unique. Man people are isolated, many artists may suffer even more because isolation is not helping in getting creative. After all, it will just eat your soul… But I think I have found small cure – fun. Fun in art is all we (creators) need. 

During all those three weeks, so far, while I’m sitting at home (just going outside once a week for grocery) I start to doubt if my art is unpredictable, it may be confusing (I will write about that in another post) as it may cover so many areas.. (at least from my point of view) but I said „No! Just go nuts, don’t think “what if”. Let your inner soul come to the surface, let it breathe and hopefully will inspire others to breathe too.”

Hopefully having fun with art, with creating will help me survive, maybe even grow as an artist. I don’t know. But I believe it’s worth of trying 🙂

So for now, let’s have fun with art!