Creating ‘The Killing’

„The Killing” is a second album by Zero Thorem, LA bases hard rock/metal band with dark science fiction aesthetic. My role was to deliver illustration for cover art and various EP from that album.

The band had a clear vision of what they want for the album cover – an enormous size building, long stairway leading to the potential alien species temple… A viewer can already feel being part of the scene because of the perspective and detailed structure revealing as eyes follow each step from the bottom to the top.

While the band had a very clear state about the creative direction for this detailed artwork, I had a lot of room for interpretation and art direction.

My role was to create an architectural style for an alien construction – a mixture of ancient and futuristic vision. A challenging and very exciting project, absolutely one of my favorites. 

I have created few more artworks which were released at the same time. Songs like “You” and “Threat” have unique artworks but there are few more illustrations created to promote new album.

In the following videos, you will see quick breakdown of creation process, a few images revealing how artwork was created from first drafts to the final illustration. 

Find out more about this project in my portfolio.

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