Cover artwork for Zero Theorem

ATARAXIS • These artworks are from the first album by @zerotheoremband – ATARAXIS was released in 2018 yet I have created illustrations back in 2017. Small throwback but I just figured out it’s a good moment to remind this brilliant album to you guys (just in case you missed it 🙂

Caesar from ZT came to me with the idea of making ‚dirty hands’ in front of a temple – this POV was a very interesting direction, where a viewer can almost witness it by similarly holding an album (in reality). Ok, we are all living in the digital streaming era BUT such creativity goes beyond any media!

BECOMING and AREA artworks are set in the same location. You can already see the top of the temple emerging in the background on BECOMING, while AREA represents a burning altar from the cover artwork shot from the top (would say „drone perspective”).

Interesting facts (hopefully 🙂

For some of you, interesting facts may be hands itself… well, these are my hands. I took a photo by myself, the camera on a tripod with a shutter button on the floor, released by… feet ;-). But it didn’t work the way I want so I took another round by shooting each hand separately. Then clipping and #digitalpainting in @Photoshop
Temple in the background was designed from scratch, with adding textures and other details along the way. There is some story behind this setting, these are just clues a viewer (and listener) needs to investigate.

Creation process

My techniques are photo manipulation and digital painting. Following work in progress images shows a bit of my creation process.

Final album examples

Check out Zero Theorem website for more info about the music and upcoming shows.