Creation Process: “Pozytywka” Album Art

It’s my third cover for Ania Szarmach and I’m glad to say it’s my best one. I’m honoured to work with such amazing singer as Ania and make her visions become reality.

Album is called “Pozytywka”, which means ‘music box’ – but it’s meant to say ‘positive’. It’s a word play in Polish and idea behind this album is to tell about emotions (not only positive) and graphics should indicate some of them.

As usual, everything starts with an idea. Or an inspiration – follow up to find out more.

Botanical Inspiration

Positive energy and fantasy world are main themes for art direction. I came up with two different styles, one is original cover with bee and flower, and second was royal garden themed illustration, which was finally used in booklet.

The original image for the cover was already chosen – an absolutely great, sensitive and gentle shot of Ania in may beetle costume designed by Halina Mro?ek (I painted abdomen only). A few words of respect goes to photograper Bart?omiej Chaba?owski and make-up artist and stylist Marcin Kulak, guys have done amazing job.




inspiration example © Maria Alice de Rezende

Before I started painting magnolia-like flower I was browsing American Society of Botanical Artists, this website includes outstanding illustrations, each one is photorealistic – done with perfectionism and attention paid on details is overwhelming. And my goal was to give same feeling to the cover art, make it subtle yet detailed so it stands out on the shelf.

valpnow_com-AniaSzarmach-POZYTYWka_art1 valpnow_com-AniaSzarmach-POZYTYWka_art2

Each of five artworks printed in booklet is based on song theme and it’s indicated to reveal some small piece of ‘music box’ world. Royal Garden, Antarctica, “Schizo”, Mirror and Oriental are all about emotions described in lyrics.


Ania Szarmach promoting her 3rd Album – “Pozytywka”
fot. Dariusz Kawka


Another part of whole album is AS initials symbol that appears in the album and video clips. It emerged from previous album cover art and becomes complete logo of an artist. A very subtle and ornamental, almost pattern-like icon is integral part of cover art and make it even more unique and original.


Find out more about Ania and gig dates at official website and facebook pages.