Creation Process: ‘The Poisoned Loaf’

The Poisoned Loaf artwork is my personal interpretation of polish-american opera project holding same name. It’s experimental, very expressive theatre play that says a story about young couple, their dreams and future that becomes way much different…

I want you to get the proper mood based on this artwork, hope your eyes are slightly cheated and things changes from beauty to nasty, from dreams and order to chaos and death.

To gain funds for producing it a lot of artists from Poland participate in an benefit exhibition – opening today! – which takes place in Horton Gallery in New York, USA. I’ve sent 15 unique hand signed pieces so hopefully you can grab one for yourself and help gather funds for the show. Go to to find out more about the exhibition.

Update 24 May 2013: The exhibition will take place in new location. I’ll post more when the details are confirmed.

And in meanwhile, let me share final image and work in progress versions.

1. Painting Loaf-shaping Head

PoisonedLoaf-00d FLAT

2. Adding details and making head drilled

PoisonedLoaf-01 FLAT

3. Bringing in colour and textures

PoisonedLoaf-02a FLAT

4. Painting bust, enhancing surreal elements and adding more colour

PoisonedLoaf-02b FLAT

5. Painting rose-shaped brain


6. Detail work with rose


7. Explosion time!


8. Final artwork

Valp - PoisonedLoaf FINAL