New Alpha 1 from Armada Skis

Image featuring freestyle skier Torin Yater-Wallace.

It’s January and it’s snowing, finally! When I lived in my hometown Bielsko-Biala I had beautiful view to the mountains, so even if there were no snow in the city I saw some peeks covered with snow (or not) during the winter. At that time I also used to ski as well, it’s a big fun so I totally understand why some guys wants to be, and become, professional skier.


And they jumps almost to the space, especially with new gear from Armada – Alpha 1. That’s why new model has outer space themed design, with a bit of robots, moons, energetic lightning and some splatters here and there.

Designing an artwork for product like this one is tricky – there is a lot of canvas but it’s basically very narrow and tall. And it should stand out from the crowd right? That’s challenging but also very enjoyable. Saying this I’m happy to present most recent Alpha 1 with my work. It’s my second design for Armada, first one (also Alpha 1) was done in 2008 and released in 2010, new one was done also two years back – in 2010. That sounds wicked but two years is a lot and some graphics are outdating really fast but I’m happy to see it in action. I’m proud of the artwork and I don’t regret I’m not a pro skier 😉

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