Creating Album Art and Logo for Killsonik

I’m not sure if I should start with my adoration to KillSonik music or with my pride to this project, as standalone artwork. But I can truly say – I dived into their world of absolutely best dubstep before knowing what’s going to happen, before hearing any of their new sounds. Just a couple of remixes at Soundcloud , but nothing more. Ok, Nero’s Crush On You remix is bloody amazing, but that’s foretaste!

Today, 27th of January 2013, Where the River Runs Black goes on sale – let’s see preview, before we go any further:

killsonik valp_04

Let’s focus on the project which started almost year ago with logo and Bloodlust EP artwork design. This artwork is quite simple, rather logo treatment with textures and painting but it was important to present this brand new identity in a gentle way. Logo and whole graphic identity relies on same rules as KillSonik‘s music: inspired by vintage horror movies and electronic music logo is bold, geometric and nasty. One of my inspirations were classic DooM and Metallica logotypes. I really loved 3D extrude style and wanted to mix it with 80’s electronic so it has a bit of retro style.


Doom and Metallica logo inspirations

Where the River Runs Black

Album artwork allows to present style with actual illustration. Inspired by such movie posters like The Woman in Black, The Crater Lake Monster or Creature From Black Lake. These artworks are perfect references for KillSonik‘s graphic style and makes this work absolutely enjoyable.

crater_lake_monster   creature_from_black_lake
Inspirations for album artwork includes movies like The Crater Lake Monster, Creature From Black Lake and The Woman in Black.

Ok, this time I want to tell you a bit more about decisions in graphic design and illustration.

Why some great ideas needs to be burried, and why it’s good.

Originally I came up with an idea of huge coffin buried into graveyard with black river, obviously. The trick was to have the coffin and river shaped like “S” in KillSonik logo. Isn’t brilliant idea?! Sure it is! But hold on for a second – it’s not just about creating great artwork, it’s also about presenting djs and making this art work in various sizes. Also as iTunes or Soundcloud cover thumbnail.

killsonik-mockup A  killsonik-wtrrb-05 copy

Where the River Runs Black – Original mockup vs Final version

Less is more – I learned that rule a while ago and it simply works. Always. I guess that’s quite challenging for artists of any kind: to get detailed and complex work but not overdesigned at the same time.

So composition and ‘marketing rules’ are one thing, technique is another. I combined digital painting with photo manipulation and it was quite straightforward as I had a lot of freedom to get into that point. Finally, hope you will enjoy it as much as I do – both music and graphics.

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Free Wallpapers!

And there is a bonus for everyone – free wallpapers with Where the River Runs Black artwork. Treat your desktop or smartphone with some graves by downloading this pack.