Alpha 1 Gallery Images

This post will be quite short but full of images. I have already wrote a bit about my new project for Armada – Alpha 1 skis artwork, and I have shared some of my first impressions when I received package last week.

I can’t say how light and sophisticated they are in real but at least I can share some of these pics I took in my yard. Hope you like it!



Follow up to see close ups.

valpnow_com-ArmadaAlpha1_img15 valpnow_com-ArmadaAlpha1_img14 valpnow_com-ArmadaAlpha1_img12 valpnow_com-ArmadaAlpha1_img11 valpnow_com-ArmadaAlpha1_img10 valpnow_com-ArmadaAlpha1_img09 valpnow_com-ArmadaAlpha1_img08

Even more photos are on my Flickr pages – take a look.