Digital Arts: California – True Colors Exhibition

True Colors is an international exhibition at DigitalArts California, curated by Virginia Christensen, takes place both online and offline and have just started rolling. I’m happy to announce some of my personal works are exposed at True Colors, including the most recent Tomorrow Never Happened (Stellar Art Award), Time is Gone, The Orchard Keeper among others.

A little bit more about DA:C:

Digital Arts: California offers artists—as well as art curators, collectors and patrons—a unique new showcase. While most art shows are internet-only or gallery-only, Digital Arts: California holds international, juried exhibits that are both. Works selected as finalists are shown in online galleries, each devoted to one specific artist, and works that receive top awards are also exhibited in a physical, “brick-and-mortar” gallery. Artists may offer their work for sale in both venues, or they may use their solo online gallery purely as a showcase for their juried works. Read more.

And True Colors exhibition:

The artists and photographers have done it again! They have embraced our latest show, “True Colors,” and have submitted works that masterfully weave colors of every hue and brightness through their fascinating visual concepts. These artists hail from 23 countries, including 18 states in the USA, and have once again made our show an international event. Read more.