Ski Artworks for Armada Skis

Armada have just launched new products including Alpha 1 LTD Series, this time, with my artwork on them. I have designed them two years ago (mid 2008) and called OUTER SP’ICE to remind frozen shapes, all in very subjective and abstract way. From that point of view it’s quite tricky to work with such thin and long canvas but final version is pretty close to original mockup. Want to grab one – check out dealers list. Product video review below.

A state-of-the-art, competition-ready, park-destroying tool. The creatively applied EST Park Rocker turns a ski that’s stiff enough for huge landings and haul-ass speed into an all-mountain slasher. Already spawning imitators, the Alpha 1 was the first, and is the best, rockered park ski. Patented.